Is the County Logic Girth “logical?” – Tack Review

August 20, 2010

Many of you will know if you have been reading with me for a while, that I am a County girl when it comes to saddles.  I briefly commented on that fact in one of  my previous article Saddles, Saddles, Saddles. I began noticing this spring, that I was having a bit of trouble with my saddle slipping slightly forward when I was riding.  At the time, I was using a good ole’  Wintec girth.  The dressage Wintec girths are easy to clean and last forever.  I thought the slipping was a saddle fitting issue at first.  I had the saddle fitter out a second time (she was out earlier that year to originally fit the saddle to my new mare).  She did a few minor adjustments, but her main comment to me was that she thought possibly a different girth may be a help.  She suggested using anatomical girth such as the County Logic Girth.  They are made to help large moving horses keep their saddles in place by aligning the girth better to the billets on your saddle.   I asked the fitter, “how much do they cost?”  She responded, “A new County Dressage Logic girth is $225.”  Gulp! Ok…breathe…   I told the saddle fitter, after forking out quite a bit of cash on the fitting already, that I would have to think about getting a girth like that.

County Logic Girth

I kept the girth in the back of my mind and decided I wanted to see if I could find something a little less costly.  I found several other brands M. Toulouse, Prestige, Le Tixerant, and Jaguar.  These boast the same kinds of results as the Logic and many were just expensive.  I decided that I would team up with my good friend EBay and hope a used Logic in the size I needed would make its presence known.  I waited for several weeks and did some more research on the girth while I was waiting.  I’m glad I did my research, because you will find out with the Logic, that you have to order it about 4 inches shorter than a normal girth. This is because the Logic has elastic on both sides so it is pretty stretchy and it has a fairly long extension of leather after the buckle rollers.  I had a 30″ Wintec on my mare, so I ordered a 26″ Logic girth.   It ended up being just right on her.

After a little more time, finally a Logic appeared on Ebay in the size I needed.  I scooped it up for $100.00.  That definitely beat $225 new and any other competitors prices as well.  Listed below are my likes and dislikes from my four month use of the the County Logic Girth.


  • Nice quality leather and buckles
  • The stretchy elastic seemed more comfortable to my mare than my Wintec which didn’t have much stretch at all.
  • Nice sized, wide girth to spread out girth pressure on the abdomen
  • The shape of the girth did  fit my mare better with the her forward girth groove than a regular straight girth.


  • I eventually noticed some rub marks right behind my mare’s elbows. The girth is made so that the seams tend to grab her  hair.  I think this is what caused the rubbing.
  • The girth is leather which needs regular cleaning beyond just wiping off like the Wintec and the hair grabbing seams cause cleaning to be difficult too.

To correct the rubbing, I bought a girth cover to go over the girth.  Because of the shape and size of this girth, buying a girth cover that will fit it was tricky.  Yes, with me it does seem like everything is a bit complicated… doesn’t it? I did finally find a stretchy, Terry Cloth girth cover that fit the girth well, however, even the small was a little too long so I had to cut and resew the end of the girth cover.  I read a lot of reviews and only a few had rubbing or pinching problems.  I think it is just how the logic happened to fit my mare with regards to the seam.

I do like the girth.  It is the one I am currently using on my mare.  She is pretty sensitive when being girthed up.  I have noticed that she seems better about this girth and a bit more comfortable.  I think County could do some remodeling to fix any rubbing or pinching problems.   If you do decide to buy this girth, make sure the end facing up in the photo above is the part facing the front of the horses.  Many people put these on wrong which causes a multitude of problems.  If you have had any success with girths at home you like, please feel free to share. I would love to hear about your experiences as well!   Have a great weekend!

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One Response to Is the County Logic Girth “logical?” – Tack Review

  1. linda
    November 22, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    I have used a county girl on two different horses and have never had any pinching. You have to make sure its not on backwards..mine has an arrow for the right direction and you should be able to read the word logic when standing behind it facing toward the head. I find the elastic a lot thicker than other brands so it doesn’t stretch out like other brands seem way too stretchy. I love both of mine.

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